Prints – Consistently great colour reproduction

Printing is at the heart of everything we do and every product we create. Each substrate is individually profiled for our printers, ensuring fantastically accurate and consistent reproductions. Colour management is a core principle of the Fresh Easel Promise, guaranteeing you the best-quality prints.

Hahnemühle Photorag (HPR)

Hahnemühle Photorag (HPR), 308gsm

  • A heavy-duty matt paper made of 100% cotton rag with a natural white tone and superb black saturation. Popular with professional photographers, this paper produces very high-quality print reproductions.
  • Image reproduction is sharp, crisp and vibrant, with great density and vivid colours.
Hahnemühle German Etching (HGE)

Hahnemühle German Etching (HGE), 310gsm

  • A heavy-duty paper with a more textured finish than Photorag (HPR), the velvety matt surface is optimised for high contrast prints and works brilliantly for limited editions.
  • The paper has a warm white hue providing a perfect surface for reproducing paintings, lithographs and fine art.

Canvas – Handmade by canvas craftsmen

Each stretched canvas begins with a 12-colour giclée print produced from one of three individually curated substrates. We then make a custom wooden frame – in any size needed up to a maximum of 3 metres – and stretch the rolled canvas print over it.

The stretched canvas print is then hand finished by one of the most experienced canvas framing teams; ensuring each corner fold is perfectly smooth, tight and that all fixing staples are covered with special protective tape.

Canvas Stretched

Stretched Canvas

  • Each canvas frame is milled with a curved profile; minimising contact with the face of the canvas; preventing unsightly impression marks and surface cracking. We use finger-jointed canvas frames which resists warping.
  • For larger sizes, we add wooden ‘wedges’ to each corner; ensuring the canvas surface remains taut and allowing easy re-stretching in future years.
Canvas Frame

Canvas Frame

  • A stretched canvas comes with an internal frame created using specialist canvas stretcher bars. In addition, a framed canvas has a traditional picture frame added around the outside edge of the canvas.
  • The simple addition of a wooden picture frame creates a completely new form of wall art; quite distinct to a standard stretched canvas.


Lower value prints can be shipped rolled in a tube:

  • Use a sturdy mailing tube over 2mm thick and a few inches longer than the width of your poster to avoid denting or damage in transit. Your mailing tube should not be so narrow that it requires rolling the print very tightly as this is likely to cause damage.
  • Place your print in the centre of a soft piece of paper around 30cm longer than the print lengthwise and equal to the inner length of your mailing tube widthwise, then place tissue paper just larger than the print on all sides on top of the print.
  • Fold the excess paper beneath the bottom of the print upward and press down so the bottom edge of the print is resting in the fold.
  • Gently roll the piece upwards to a diameter just smaller than that of your mailing tube.
  • Carefully insert the rolled print into the tube- the paper you have rolled the print in should fit snugly with the length of the tube to ensure a buffer preventing movement during shipping.
  • Top the tube with its end cap, and be sure to secure the caps on both ends with sturdy tape to ensure they do not come off during shipment.

Works on paper

We recommend sending higher-value prints and works on paper flat-packed:

  • Wrap the work in acid free tissue paper. Plastic covering can be used for further protection against moisture.
    Create corner protectors for each of the corners of your work: get a square piece of paper/acid free tissue paper, adjust the scale according to the size of your work and fold it in half to create a triangle, then in half again.
  • Place these on each of the corners of your work, then tape the protectors to a sturdy piece of cardboard or foam core.
  • Place two or more pieces of firm cardboard on either side of the work and tape both sides together.
  • Fully wrap the piece in a thick layer of bubble wrap.
  • Surround the bubble wrap parcel with two pieces of corrugated cardboard to create an outer cover. Ensure that edges of both pieces are securely taped together with no gaps.

Canvas and framed works

  • Find a box or build a crate with sufficient room to fit the work with 1-2 inches of space on each side.
    Wrap the work in acid free tissue paper. Plastic covering can be used for further protection against moisture.
  • Wrap the piece in at least two layers of bubble wrap and secure with tape. Ensure that the corners of the piece are sufficiently padded to withstand damage on impact.
  • Place foam layers surrounding the piece and include additional packaging material to ensure a snug fit within the box, with no movement possible
  • We recommend that any particularly valuable, large or fragile pieces are shipped in a custom-made crate.


  • All artworks should be sent via a fully traceable and insured method of shipment For artworks being shipped internationally, a service should be used which supports sending packages Delivery Duty Paid, and this option should be selected to ensure that all duty and import tax is billed back to the sender.
  • All information declared in any accompanying paperwork should be complete and truthful, including the value and purpose of the shipment

Fresh Easel returns arrangements

  • Fresh Easel will pay for and arrange the return of all artworks under Fresh Easel’s sitewide 7-day returns guarantee by customers who have changed their mind.
  • We ask for all artworks returned by customers to be prepared in their original packaging for the return journey and will accept no liability for damage sustained on the return leg by artworks not packed in line with these guidelines.
  • For editioned artworks subject to return requests, we reserve the right to offer replacement printing costs in lieu of arranging return shipment.

Fresh Easel offers the highest commission based model in the industry with 70% inclusive tax paid out to you. Payment occurs manually per each sale that occurs on Fresh Easel. To make each sale more smoothly and without surprises we list all final and reduced prices of each work.

Please make sure that you enter your payment details in the Settings page as well so we can pay you via direct bank transfer. Your payment details should include the following.

  • Bank Name
  • IBAN and BAC

Commission payments will occur 7 days after payment has been received by the buyer. We do this so that the buyer has enough time to cancel his payment in case he/she is not happy with the purchase. In case payment has not been done via the buyer we will always contact you for follow up steps.

Artists are responsible for paying taxes on their art sales.

Original / limited edition artworks

The artist is.

Just few people appreciate your work as you do. Therefore we leave the shipment of your work in your hands. This way you as the artist can make sure that your original art will be shipped with the utmost care and quality. We will provide you with all shipping information and documents needed to get your work safe and without hassle to its destination.

Open edition prints

Fresh Easel is.

Printing is at the heart of everything we do and every product we create. Each substrate is individually profiled for our printers, ensuring fantastically accurate and consistent reproductions. Colour management is a core principle of the Fresh Easel Promise, guaranteeing the best-quality prints.

Five important links, you as an artist, should remember:

  • fresheasel.com/artist/yourname – This is your profile page and will often come up when art collectors search for your name on Google. Make sure it is populated with artworks.
  • fresheasel.com/upload – This is where you upload a photo of your artwork, set a price for it and categorise it. Every artwork you put up for sale will be verified by our curatorial board before it’s published. Once approved, it is available on your public profile as well as the Browse Art page.
  • fresheasel.com/artworks – All uploaded artworks – pending approval and published – can be accessed and deleted from here. If your artwork is not available anymore, delete your artwork as well.
  • fresheasel.com/settings – Your profile information, delivery address you’ll use to ship sold artworks from and your bank account information for remittance. Once your artwork is sold, you will be notified via email and over the phone. So it’s important to keep your information up to date.
  • fresheasel.com/sales – All your past and present orders by collectors of your art are kept here. Once you make a sale and ship your artwork to the consumer, go to that order on this page, click “Mark as Shipped’. This sends a confirmation email to the purchaser of your artwork to expect delivery.

It was a founding principle of Fresh Easel that artists should not only get a fair deal from the sale of their work but should benefit from the exposure and promotion Fresh Easel could provide them.

Great news! If you have been approved by Fresh Easel’s curatorial board to post art, you can start uploading and selling your works of art. Go to ‘Login | Sign Up’ to login. Once logged in, go to ‘Upload Art’ from the top menu and fill up the form.

There are three things you need to keep in mind.

(1) Make sure your Public Profile is filled up. Upload your photo and write a small bio. This is visible to art collectors on you profile page (fresheasel.com/artist/your-name). Settings -> Public Profile
(2) Add your Bank Account details so that we can pay you for the sale. Settings -> Payment Info

Fresh Easel accounts that have been approved to post artworks for sale are deemed to have Artist Privileges. They differ from regular accounts, and are only given to Fresh Easel artists.

Every piece of art posted on Fresh Easel carries with it a description of its shipping condition. As a general rule, we advise all our artists to ship their paintings in Rolled form so as to give art collectors freedom to pick their own frames as per their decor.

Here are four good reasons.

(1) Highest earnings across the industry. 70% of each artwork you list on Fresh Easel goes to you.
(2) Exposure. Creating a portfolio on Fresh Easel (fresheasel.com/artist/your-name) can give your works much much wider exposure than a physical gallery.
(3) No contract, no exclusivity. Our sales agreement is non-exclusive. All we ask is for you to de-list the art if it’s unavailable.
(4) Marketing. We market your work at hotels, to corporates, PR events and through print and online advertising.

You can sell works in almost any medium on as long as they are:

  • your own
  • original
  • physically available with you

In case you work is not available with you anymore, delete your Fresh Easel listing as well.

Our curators are always on the lookout for artists with extraordinary talents who share our creative philosophy. We are currently receiving submissions from Indian artists – emerging and established – who believe their work would be suitable for representation by Fresh Easel.

If you think, you have what it takes, click the ‘Sell Your Art’ link from top menu and filling up a small form with your name and a link to your existing online portfolio. If you don’t have a portfolio link, you can upload upto 5 images of your own artworks, which will be scrutinised by our curatorial board.

If you’re selected, we’ll respond with a confirmation email. This takes up to 3 business days, but often a lot sooner.

No – but there’s a good reason behind it. We realise that prints of an artwork can be affordable, but we still encourage art collectors to buy original and truly unique pieces. Art is an investment, and has a remarkable proclivity to rise sharply in value. A good original artwork by an emerging artist, several of which can be found on Fresh Easel, can rise beyond expectations. Besides, a thing of beauty is a joy forever.

Fresh Easel is a community of proud and fiercely-talented artists from India. Any item you order from them is shipped directly from their studios, and as such will always be original and unique. Further, a Certificate of Authenticity personally signed by the artist is enclosed with every artwork you receive.

Unfortunately, no. Our artworks are shipped directly from the artists’ studios and they themselves are spread across India. All artworks’ sizes (in inches) are listed with every artwork, in addition to detail of its Medium and Materials, even the Styles and Subject the artist thought of while creating the art. Lastly, every piece of artwork on Fresh Easel shows the condition in which it will be shipped to you – framed, rolled, in a ply-board box or stretched.

Artworks are shipped directly from the artists’ studios, so expect it to arrive within eleven (11) to fourteen (14) business days from time of order, depending on the origin and destination of the artwork as well as the time it takes to clear customs if the work is shipped internationally. From time of shipping, the artwork will usually arrive at the buyer’s destination between seven (7) to ten (10) business days, barring any delays due to customs clearance.

Don’t worry. This is where we make things easy for you. Click a few pictures of the damaged artwork and email them to [email protected], mentioning the nature of the damage within 7 days of you receiving it. Also, don’t forget to include your name, order number and the item name in your email. Once we verify that the claim is valid, we will arrange to have the artwork picked up and returned to the artist. You can expect a full refund 3–5 business days after the artist receives the return.

Yes. You may also place an order via the following ways

1) Calling us at +91 9818-175-785,
2) Emailing us at [email protected]esheasel.com

Please mention your name and the item name while ordering. You will need to make payment directly into our bank account. Please use your Order ID as the payment reference. Your order won’t be shipped until the funds have cleared in our account.