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Audience. Fresh Easel learns from messy, siloed data to deliver truly personalised actions

  • 82% increase in visitors from last month out of which 52% are women of age 34-45.

Women aged 34-45 56%
Women aged 45-54 26%
Men aged 35-44 12%
Women aged 55-64 5%
  •  exploit traffic increase by reallocating resources to target women aged 35-44.
  • 2943 people landed on your page, 67% of which were Indians. 31 made a purchase.

India 67%
United States 15%
Canada 12%
United Kingdom 6%
Conversion – 8%
Conversion – 11%
Conversion – 6%
Conversion – 2%
  • target Mumbai, Tallahassee, New Haven, New Delhi and Anaheim this month.
  • 52% of your audience have shown an affinity for either fine jewellery or are shoppers of luxury goods.

Apparel & Accessories > Fine Jewelry 28%
Shoppers > Luxury Shoppers 24%
Hobbies > Art & Theater Aficionados 21%
Home Decor Enthusiasts 15%
  • focus on clubbing the top two categories. Eliminate ad spend on low-value users. 

Acquistion. Our data science algorithm looks at 16+ million possible combinations to identify the most important marketing channels

  • 67% of your audience came from Social. 31 of those made a purchase generating $3140.

Social 67%
Referral 15%
Direct 12%
Organic 6%
Conversion – 8%
Conversion – 11%
Conversion – 6%
Conversion – 2%
  • consider investing in a influencer this month for an even better conversion rate.
  • ‘Notifications’ saw 12% more engagement. ‘Offline Events’ conversion was 7% less than average.

Notifications 44%
Email 21%
Content 19%
Offline Events 6%
Conversion – 8%
Conversion – 11%
Conversion – 6%
Conversion – 2%
  • exploit traffic increase of web notifications by listing more works on your profile page.
  • 1467 people landed on your page via Facebook, up 7% from last month generating an additional $772.

Facebook 47%
Instagram 31%
Pinterest 15%
Twitter 6%
Conversion – 8%
Conversion – 11%
Conversion – 6%
Conversion – 2%
  • eliminate Twitter ad spend this month. re-target Facebook+Instagram users.
  • ‘Living room art’ was your top-performing keyword, converting 72 collectors—11 more than last month.

Living Room Art 28%
Gallery 13 24%
Modern Art for Bedroom 21%
Wall Painting 15%
  • your keywords are automatically optimised based on top searches that convert.
  • 7% jump in sites that linked to you – in line with 8.2% industry standard this month. 28% 24% 21% 15%
  • investing in answering art-relates queries on Quora can boost conversion by 11%.
  • 6:30pm, 11:30am and 2:00pm are the times when your audience interacted with your content the most.

Wednesday 6:30pm – 28% views
Monday 11:30am – 11% views
Friday 2pm – 9% views
Sunday 9pm – 6% views
  • sharing content according to above schedule can net 7% increase in views.

Trends. Get data-driven recommendations on exactly how to increase your ROI with clear reasons why

  • 1246 people viewed your top artist’s works, capturing 46% of total mindshare, of which 24 made a purchase.

Mridula Sen 46%
Dipti Bondre 33%
Jennifer Riggs 12%
Paresh Nrsingha 6%
Conversion – 8%
Conversion – 4%
Conversion – 12%
Conversion – 2%
  • mridula is converting better than average for 3 months. test moderate price increase.
  • 1648 viewed your abstract works this month while 766 viewed landscapes—in line with industry trend.

Abstract and conceptual art 56%
Landscapes, sea and sky 26%
Nature, trees and flowers 12%
Architecture and cityscapes 5%
  • introduce more abstracts this month. reduce dependence on religious works.
  • 38% of collectors searched for blue art, out of which 15% specifically searched for blue modern art.

Blue-dominant art 38%
Red-dominant art 21%
Green-dominant art 19%
Violet-dominant art 15%
  • blue + modern art saw a 32% increase in sales. Consider promoting these this time. 

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“Fresh Easel made it possible for me to redo my home at a great price. I sent them a photo of my walls, and they suggested Frequencies which I instantly liked. Their collection of abstract art is fantastic.”
Farhad Dalal (Mumbai)
“Their collection is curated really well and that helped me narrow down to the perfect piece very quickly. I even received my work directly from the artist’s studio in 4 days. Absolutely delighted!”
Deepti Chandra (Bengaluru)
“All their paintings are so energetic and vivid! Fresh Easel is really the only place I go to whenever i’m looking to brighten up a wall. They are also quite affordable which is great for me.”
Justin Foyer (Brussels)

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