///The Compassionate One (2016)
  • The-Compassionate-One-by-Madhulika-Johri-Fresh-Easel

The Compassionate One (2016)

Art by Madhulika Johri
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✔ Original ✔ Exclusive

The artwork is sold unframed and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Signed on the front.

Dimensions30 x 36 in

Acrylic, Oil on Canvas


Abstract Expressionism


Rolled in a tube


Artist's Description

The Buddha was deeply pained to see the sufferings of the world. To get rid of them He bestowed to the world the teachings of the Lotus Sutra. His teachings are pearls of wisdom.

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With an unlimited palette of colour, form and technique Johri is free in her creations, sometimes painting in the figurative genre; at others, in the abstract. Her work is generally characterized by pastel colours and layers that lend a unique textural quality to the paintings, irrespective of the medium.