Inside the Studio: Kanchan Chander and her whispering torsos

By Fresh Easel Editorial / Artist Spotlight

Kanchan Chander works are as fascinating and diverse as her artistic journey. Her paintings are full of textured lines — depicting semi abstraction and encapsulating her own time line — from where she began to how she now believes in engaging her subject before breathing life in them with all kinds of mixed media objects found at home, on streets and local bazaars.

Kanchan’s personal lifescape – the joys and the aches – inject substance into her art. And yet the role of the woman protagonist remains central to her themes as she experiments with headless and limbless torsos. This is a deliberate exclusion to give her the liberty to experiment with extensions and additions of other forms to the torso.

Whispering Torsos: Kanchan Chander Solo Show and Art Exhibition

Kanchan Chander’s Whispering Torsos

Experimenting with Torsos

The desires that were once upon a time anger, rage, lust and betrayal are now replaced by the poised celebration of experiences aesthetically portrayed in the installations of torsos.

Kanchan has been working on female torsos for past two decades. The earlier torsos were minimal, monumental and sparse with decorative and embellished motifs. Later she started incorporating painted flowers, sequins and swarovskis on them.

“This is a vital part of our body,” she says, adding the cycle of life begins from here with a child occupying a mother’s womb for nine months. “He matures here and a new life begins.”

‘Art occurs in social SITUATION’

Recipient of the prestigious Lalit Kala Akademi award, collectors & museums have kept her works in their collection worldwide. In Kanchan’s art, aesthetic response can hardly be divorced from a social response as she doubts the autonomy of art and whether art can be only for art’s sake.

“Art occurs in a social situation, the maker and the art both are bound by social forces that are instrumental in shaping them. I too am subject to the same law,” says Kanchan.

Kanchan Chander with her works
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