Inside the Studio: Dipti Bondre plays with lights

By Fresh Easel Editorial / Artist Spolight

What inspires your art?

Even as an art student I always had a fascination for light – it’s energy and attraction. I explored colour, form and textures, but somewhere down the path, the need to introduce the element of light took over. When the mind stills, I actually get this profound feeling that I can see the universe inside me. Brilliant strokes of light formations, ever changing yet never reaching a definite form. Forming, transforming and reforming before I can even grasp or capture them.

It’s delightful and in a way quite raw. The vulnerability, the innocence, the out of controlness, this rawness, is of greatest value to me. Light for me is one of the manifestations of energy or Shakti — the primordial cosmic energy that represents the dynamic forces, that are thought to move through the entire universe.

An 18th-century Rajput painting by the artist Nihâl Chand

Mixed media artist Dipti Bondre in her studio

What are your biggest challenges to creating art and how do you deal with them?

Self discipline, creating uninterrupted studio time and keeping my back/spine in good health. Creating art allows me to look inwards, to find unity and connection in all things.

Is there something you are currently working on, or are excited about starting?

I have been working on two different bodies of work since my return from art residency in Berlin. Ode to Bosphorus: Glimpses of Istanbul through Yantras explores the unity in two old cultures and civilizations through sacred geometry. Glow, an abstract body of works using gold foil in layers to create a sensation of time and space as it manifests in music.

I have currently started some research regarding energy forms and more specifically patterns created by sound vibrations. I am curious to see what comes of it.

Artists you admire and were influenced by.

Of the contemporary international artists my favourites are – Anish Kapoor, Ollafur Elliason, Atul Dodiya and Shilpa Gupta. I have been largely influenced in my work in my student days by work of Gaitonde, Raza, Gerhard Richter, Klee and Kandinsky.

Do you have a motto?

The entire Universe, you and I, are all energy.

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